Thursday, May 7, 2009

Recent Recap

Its been a busy couple of weeks around here. My lab work is down to the wire and I am pulling a lot of long days, and all weekends to get it all to come together now. There have of course been a few more bumps (like over half my samples not amplifying yesterday) but slow progress is being made.

Just over a week ago (two weeks almost?) both Allison and Naomi came down for a visit. I had a great time. It was nice to be able to hang out with sisters outside of the "Holiday Madness" of christmas or summer breaks. We went to the beach a couple times, hung out and cooked together, and went to the everglades for an airboat ride. We had planned to go snorkeling, but the whole weekend and week after there were 25kt winds on the water, which doesn't make for good snorkeling (or diving for that matter). Sadly, I totally neglected to take photos while Naomi was here (in my defense, I think I had the swine flu).
I did take a couple while Allison stayed on for some extra days. This, for instance is the perfect key lime pie I baked.
I finally got to go to the Miami metrozoo as well. Its a pretty nice park, very big, and very open. They have some cool exhibits, though they seem to specialize in various "global, hooved, deer-like" animals, but the displays are quite nice. We went after lunch, on a weekday, which has to be one of the best times to go to the zoo. Though most of the animals were asleep. See, Sleepy Lemurs.

Dogs look pretty much the same (and play the same) even when they are from Papua New Guinea.

Red River Hogs. I think these guys look a little creepy. They remind me of Okkoto, the boar god from Princess Mononoke.

This gazelle is in time out.

There were plenty more, all cute, or creepy, or weird.

Post visit I have been working hard. But had time to finish the blanket I've been crocheting at work (we did a crochet along of sorts). And I've even begun packing. SCARY!

And for now, I leave you this video, of this deer creature with spring fever.

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