Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another photoless post...And baking success

Haven't been carrying around the camera. Should start doing that.

I am currently relaxing (convalescing) in my living room with my sisters. Both sisters are here for a visit, and so far it has been lovely. We've spent two days laying on the beach. This is a nice break from the lab for me.

In other news, I have celebrated my latest baking success. I was, in a fit of madness, talked into entering the RSMAS Iron Chef cooking competition. I consider competitions like this to be the perfect victim set for trying something new. I don't go in with any expectation of winning, and if something doesn't turn out, I haven't wasted time on something I am not going to eat at home...RSMAS is full of grad students, if its free, they'll eat anything (Note, I am also in this category, if the other contestants make something less than successful, I will have no qualms in eating it, free is free). I am happy to report, however, that this was a successful endeavor, and I plan to make it part of my future family gathering/party repertoire. I made profiteroles filled with lavender honey ice cream. The profiteroles (after a careful reading of the pate a choux section of my CIA baking textbook) came out spot on, and puffed up just as they were supposed to with a lovely texture. The ice cream was the best, delicous. Students decended upon the table like a pack of pirhannas, devouring the pastries as fast as I could fill them with ice much for presentation. So, no photos, but success....and the nice thing is, they can be made in the course of spare moments over a few days. An hour to make custard here, 30 minutes to freeze it there, About an hour to mix pate a choux and pipe and bake. This is good for the busy grad student.

Next time I'll have to make sure I have some photos.

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