Saturday, November 1, 2008

November Already

October flew by. At the beginning of the week I had the sudden realization that the month was ending, and quickly panicked about what I had left to get done. It all came together. The big success was my Manuscript submission yesterday. I won't really celebrate till it gets reviewed, revised, and accepted, a process that will take a while, but it was a big relief to get it off my desk. It is the culmination of a little more than two years of continuous work and I am glad to have it done.

Other fun projects continue. Still rearing seedlings, we transplanted a few this week.

I finished knitting some socks.

Those were modeled by me outside this morning. The weather here has finally gotten to the "enjoy your Saturday morning cuppa outdoors on the porch steps" weather.

I have also worked on some other crafty projects, lining a purse for a friend and doing some general mending.

I have to say that the sewing machine in the place of honor on my desk rather than my laptop makes me unreasonably happy. I love that sewing machine, I got it from my mom, it is old, but awesome! It will stitch just about anything if you've got a solid enough needle, and because it is all mechanical, no electronics at all (it is electric but no fancy computer stuff) it is easy to maintain and occasionally fix.

Ok I am off, got to download a new audio book (the next Amelia Peabody, I do love them) so I can "read" while I work on the house.

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