Monday, November 3, 2008

Mmmmmm Soup

Only Monday, but it feels like Wednesday for some reason. I am gearing up to run my next experiment this week, and vote tomorrow among other things, so I wanted some sort of hearty "comfort food" for dinner. Tonight I made a delicious soup. This one. Only I substituted butternut squash for hubbard. This is definatley a recipe I would make again. I highly reccomend that food blog, lots of good recipes.

Otherwise life chugs on. Still analyzing data. Working with fishies. Knitting a sweater. I have to finish it by Christmas. Russell and I have this bet. He says I never finish anything (untrue...see last post) and I maintain that I can only knit sweaters 4 months of the year in Miami (usually true, I sucked it up this summer and made sure I had some time in Air Conditioning to alleviate the "wool Blanket" affect). Thus, I say I will finish before Xmas break, and he maintains I won't. So the bet is, I don't get to take a coat with me on the plane. Only the sweater, in whatever state it is in. I am totally going to win.


A Pilgrim said...

So how are you coming with the sweater? It's going to be cold in Seattle!

Kat Offcourse said...

London was okay, how's everythign in Miami? what's dlc up to? haven't heard from him in a while......oh and see you in Jan.