Saturday, November 29, 2008


I have been intending on writing this blog post for like two weeks, but it turns out that finishing takes a while some times. I am getting desperately close to finishing my thesis research. About two weeks ago I finished my next experiment (is that really next...or last...but it's not really last...). I still have to prepare and analyze my samples, but the experiment itself is done. I now only have one left to do, and my intention is to carry that one out right before I go back to Seattle for Christmas. Meeting deadlines = goodness.

On another finishing note, I have been finishing some knitting. Really this is why I hadn't posted...I wanted to show you some finished items.

Finished yarn.

Thats one of two full skeins done, I've got two more plied and I just need to skein and wash them. I'm almost done spinning the rest of the fiber log too.

Finished Sweater!!!!! This is the really big deal. The culmination of close to two years of knitting. All the finished pieces:


This is what my cat thinks of the blocking process:

Next comes the really scary process of steeking. Norwegian and Fair Isle sweaters are knit as a tube, and in steeking you go back and CUT the armholes into the body of the sweater. First you sew some stabilizing stitches:

Then you pause for a few stabilizing breaths, and your preferred dose of courage, and break out the scissors:

Russell was very helpful and made sure the Weezer song, "If you want to destroy my sweater...." was playing in the office as I was cutting the arm holes. Next one sews in the sleeves, knits on the collar and installs the zipper. This is the part that took so long. But then you have Sweater Victory!

Which is even sweeter when you confirm it fits.

I so win the bet! Now if it were only cold enough to wear a wool sweater.

Now its off to go prepare my house. For today is that most magical day following Thanksgiving: FryDay, our annual deep frying party and I have some foods to prepare for the fryer and a house to tidy.


Kat Offcourse said...

Yay! fry day!
We had thansgiving here at the chalet and I instructed everyone to undo the button on their pants ane eat more. they didn't comply. damn Europeans! I told them about your fry day and they made appropriately disguested faces.

I don't know about the January half marathon..I've grown a swiss baby and haven't done any running since I got here (you know, mountains and all) but i am in decent shape. Still thinking. there is, however, a half marathon on march 1st that I'll definitely do. wanna do that too?

A Pilgrim said...

WOW! What more can I say? I had to go to Norway to get a sweater like that, and I'm sure yours is a lot prettier. You have an impressed aunt.

Oh, and I love the colors in the new skein of yarn. If you get tired of your job, you can start a business: raise your lambs, sheer your sheep, spin your yarn, and knit the sweaters. You'll be rich!

Naomi said...

amazing! that sweater is amazing!

Mepn 2008 is Great! said...

You are so crafty! And so persistent to stay after this project for 2 years.


Kat Offcourse said...

Hey, I'll run with you. Have you registered yet?