Thursday, October 30, 2008

Holy Feminism Batman

I usually try to avoid charged rants. Not good for the blood pressure and all. But I just saw a television ad that made me wholly disturbed. I present you "The Rose Petal Cottage" Its not as blatant in the website as it was on the television. I realize the gender gap is often alive and well in the United States still (especially in children's toys), but I have to say it bothers me a little that a little girls ultimate play house is supposed to be a pink cottage, with a nursery, kitchen...and (here is what really got my attention) A WASHING MACHINE?!? It seems innocuous, but when was the last time a boy's toy set included a washing machine? Why is laundry a "girls job"? What kind of values are girls being taught subconsciously, when their ultimate toy has them doing laundry? Its the mixed messages that get me. "You can be whatever you want, as long as what you want includes laundry...."

End of Rant


A Pilgrim said...

AMEN! I've seen that commercial, and as a mom or granny I would not buy it. Pink? Baby bed? Laundry?

I guess Sarah Palin would like it for her daughters.

Mepn 2008 is Great! said...

Whoa now! I sure do a lot of laundry in Woodinville. I even soak the underwear.