Monday, June 11, 2007

A sunny day and a sunny disposition

Its always amazing to me how something like just getting to leave work 15 minutes early on a sunny day can absolutely make ones day. I got out a little early, I had just worked on data all day, and since tomorrow I return to the humming room I want to save a little data to work on while I'm over there. I got home, it was nice, Russell and I took the dog for a walk, and I have just been relaxing (and cleaning the house a little) since I got home. For some reason, this makes me totally happy today. Just to have the time to stay on top of the chaos is the reason I'm pretty sure.

I got my conference stuff taken care of today (oh yeah, did I mention I am headed to a Gordon Research Conference...there will be a lot of genetics big wigs there). It will be my first time to New England. I will fly in and out of Boston, and the conference itself is in Rhode Island, in the beach town of Newport (of course I will spend most of it locked in a University Conference Center, but the do give us a couple hours of free time each day...maybe I can arrange a shore dive or something...or some birdwatching..or something...).

Oh and as a final excellent point of my day...I finally made Ase an appointment at the groomer. this may not seem like a big deal, but it means some one else gets to wash him...and since I have a gift certificate (won at the auction) it is free....And the poor little guy needs a haircut for summer.

And now, another gratuitous photo for your day...this one is the Christ of the Deep Statue off Key Largo, I took the pic while diving there with Allison. Oh, and here is the eel I found (and apparently pissed off for some reason) near the base of the statue...

I swear he's there...look at the bottom right of the picture.

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