Friday, June 15, 2007

Coming to you live from the wetlab

Thats right, first round of experiment and mini data analysis is done, and I am back in the wetlab. It has however come to my attention, that my poster for the conference will have to be done long before I will actually finish data collection (even working 13 hour days) so I am running a slighly less brutal schedule for the time being. This is a good thing. Data collection is still going well, so the thesis seems to finally be making some progress.

Hmm. It is officially summer here again, with brutal temperatures and humidity...and it is only June. This summer/fall/wet season promises to be interesting (FYI there is yet another potential "Tropical disturbance" hanging out off Cuba.... we'll see what happens for the rest of the day).

Oh yeah I am supposed to post about knitting too. I finished Russells Socks last week. I will have to get a photo of them on his feet. He seems quite pleased and is happily wearing them around the house every chance he gets, but informs me that he is nervous about wearing them out in his boots because "the boots eat socks" While I certainly did appreciate the sentiment, I did also point out that I can always knit him another pair when he wears out this one (the wonders of sock knitting). And that since I have discovered that socks are quite possibly the perfect thing to knit in Florida, that there are likely more socks in his future. So he is free to wear them in the boots.

More later, gotta go adjust a nitrogen tank

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