Thursday, June 28, 2007

One Sock Down

So, I had these slippers. They were moccasins. I got them in Victoria, for my birthday. I loved these slippers (moccasins). The were sheepskin, with the wooly bit on the inside, and trimmed in Rabbit fur. I wore them in Seattle to ward off the winter damp and chill. Then I moved to Miami. The thing about wooly moccasins in Miami is, except for about one week a year, there is no reason to wear them. But I kept them, and wore them for that one week every year. Some years I took them back to Seattle with me at Christmas. A few months back, one moccasin finally met its end. As I took a step, I triped over the dog (Sorry Ase) and when I finished stubling, the top of the moccasin had torn off. Sad. Clearly new slippers were finally in order. A day later, the perfect solution was stubled upon, a free knitting pattern for "Caspian Sea Socks" They are brightly colored, wool, and looked, well neat in the picture. The cast on is odd...the knitting, well it is stranded colorwork. But the results amazing.

Another View.

And my personal favorite, the sole

Of course I am sure you have noticed...that is sock. It is true, its mate is still just a (well, four) balls of yarn. But I am so happy with the first, I shall not suffer, second sock syndrome. I shall have new slippers by, well, Christmas for sure.

For those who are wondering, the pattern is Free and available by signing up for the Knitting Daily email list from Interweave Knits.

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