Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fourth of July Startitis

As we left our intrepid graduate student she had just seemingly finished knitting a sock and was enthralled by it.

Well since then I have completed the poster for my conference, spending hours sitting in front of my computer. I don't necessarily have the longest attention span. Sure, I can get a task done, write or read for hours etc. But there are signs. Through my childhood and high school, I usually read multiple books simutaneously. I like to try lots of new crafts and hobbies. It seems that this trend has found new outlet in my knitting. I have a serious case of startitis.

It began innocently enough. In addition to the Sea Sock, I have been making slow but steady progress on my Dale sweater. But I have another sock pattern....and kill time occaionally by looking at the beautiful yarn at (ps to family members, a gift certificate here for christmas would be awesome!). I decided for my upcoming conference travel, I needed some simpler knitting for the plane, something in ONE color (thus lessening the amount of yarn I need to shove in my carryon). I was poking around and discovered the Local Yarn SHop (yes there is one in miami, boy was I surprised) was having a fourth of july sale. I would go, I would get one thing....

In my defense, I only bought one set of yarn, the other purchases were to facilitate use of extra leftover yarn I already had.

Since then I have spent the afternoon in a happy yarn nest, knitting away. This is acceptable because it has POURED here all afternoon, so it has not been like I have missed out on anything outside.

Don't worry, I will finish the other sock
(No matter what Russell says)...

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