Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not really what I had in mind....

When I got a dog. Don't worry, I like Satchmo, he's not going anywhere :). Lets just say I forgot about some of those puppy period idiosyncrasies until yesterday.

Idiosyncrasies like a penchant for destruction while bored....

What these photos fail to capture is the sheer extent of the mess. Under that dog bed, there is a lot more. Destructo tally includes one umbrella, one Bluetooth headset, one Tupperware lid, two license plate covers, our dog bed, at least one plastic bag, one emptied bookshelf, several shredded documents, one laptop case, one cardboard box, shredded some Styrofoam, and used a refractometer as a bone. The room was covered in little chewed bits of paper and Styrofoam and cardboard. Also located and shredded a cat toy and found the hiding place of the tennis ball and ball thrower for the dog park (He's got the tennis ball in his mouth there).

Miraculously he didn't destroy either computer or find my knitting which was hidden behind the lap top (He thinks grabbing knitting and chewing on knitting needles is a Very Fun Game).

Apparently we need a little more exercise before being left alone for several hours. The weird thing is we have occasionally left him before and he's been just fine.


Hartley's said...

Hi Meredith!
Wow he's a handful. I am glad you are updating your blog again. I check it via Ravelry every so often. Good to see you are doing well. I am sorry to hear about Ase. Does your cat love the new dog?

Unknown said...

Hey Sidney
It was time to start the blog again for sure. The cat has finally settled in with the new dog. She's still a little nervous about his size, but she'll approach him and wanders the house again, and has even started instigating play/trouble for him