Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recipe for a Sunday

What with the snow, being sick, having a puppy, and going back to work things have been a little chaotic around here. Last week I would describe mainly as having "survived". This weekend was time for a little R&R.

First, we went to Strange Brew, the infamous beer festival in Port Townsend. It was fun, the theme is having lots of breweries brew something weird. Options ranged from Indigo IPA (brewed with Captain Crunchberries) to Sour Cherry Bourbon stout. I have to say though, they need a bigger venue. By the end I was pretty crowded out (thus the complete lack of photos.

Today was about getting ready for the week and clearing my head and my house. Recipe for a perfect Sunday:

Lazy morning with lots of knitting.

That's the current sweater in progress, and so far the most accurate photo of its color (note to self, add to Ravelry so it looks less fluorescent blue).

Relatively well behaved Satchmo.

Russell making lots of Stock.

Finally a clean house.

Mentally ready to face the next week.

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