Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The perfect cardigan

I finally finished my latest sweater. Well, maybe not finally. In the past sweaters have taken me literally years to complete. My fisherman's sweater, that took 3 years. My norwegian sweater took 3 years as well. The issue? I didn't actually work hard on either of those (well, until the end, once I actually started knitting on the norwegian sweater on a regular basis it flew by). Since then I have gotten more consistent. Russell's sweater was finished in a couple of months. And now, a new sweater for me, knit in a short enough time I will actually get to enjoy it in the cooler winter weather. This pattern is Nora Gaughan's Nantucket Jacket. I have been wanting it since I saw it on the cover of Interweave Knits. This last year I found Cascade 220 yarn on wild sale, and the jacket had to be mine. I cast on in September, and knit steadily away, with surprising project loyalty (ok, I did knit some socks and play with my loom).

While my Dale of Norway remains my favorite sweater overall, this is definately a close second and favorite cardigan (ok, my only handknit cardigan). It is just the right weight to throw on in my office when it gets a bit chilly, and I think it could go well either dressy or casual. It fits perfectly. I didn't make any alterations to the pattern (I even knit it in the color shown in the magazine) and it turned out just fine. If I ever were to knit it again, I would lengthen the body just a smidge, and maybe do long sleeves, but then again, maybe not.

There you have it, a new sweater, and I love it. Now, more socks.