Saturday, September 19, 2009

Staircase two step

My family can tell you about our trip to Costa Rica several years ago for Christmas. And they can tell you about the absolutely spectacular fall I took down a set of stairs (built of polished tropical hardwood) in Monteverde. I landed directly on my elbow, and it was one of the more spectacularly painful falls I have ever had.

Last night I repeated the exact same stunt on my slick, steep basement stairs. I landed on the same elbow. Directly on the same elbow. Poor elbow.

Apparently years worth of recreational gymnastics and skiing as a youth has done me some good however, because in both cases I did not crack my head (a really really good thing for which I am very very grateful), and I didn't put my hands out behind me to catch myself (the #1 way to break a wrist) I landed on my elbows like I had been taught.

But I have to say....Landing on your elbows like that SUCKS! (and what's really entertaining is I landed on my left elbow, which I normally rest on the armrest while I drive, only now, anytime I rest it and we hit a bump it becomes a huge driving distraction.)

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