Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last we left off...

It was the night before my defense. I am happy to report that my defense went smashingly well. I gave an excellent talk, ended it with more Dr. Seuss (for those who are wondering, two years ago I gave an entire 20 minute student talk in Dr. Seuss rhyme) at the request of my advisor. My question session was blessedly brief, and I think I did well. I celebrated with friends in Miami for a couple days before heading back out to Seattle.

What have I been up to since? Well first, rather than relaxing, I had to immediately get ready for a job interview. The interview went well and it looks like I will soon be officially employed as a post doc. More on that when I have signed the papers. In order to start my employment, my dissertation must be finished, so I have been working on edits, and sending paperwork around North America for signatures.

Not that it has been all work and no play. I finally got to start playing with my loom.
It is set up, and I have finally begun weaving a little.

I am knitting a shawl/scarf thing, its going well, I am not including photos, because I don't have one to do it justice currently.

And Russell and I have been mushrooming. Mushrooming is lots of fun. Last Sunday we went up with a friend, looked for fungi, and explored an old mine. The first time we went out we didn't really find anything noteworthy. Not this time. We found Chanterelles!

(I found the biggest one, also it was POURING rain all day).

I have also been diving with my friend Evan (from Miami), it was nice to get back in the water.

Now back to edits...

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Hartley's said...

Congratulations! Yeah for the job! I am so happy for you.