Tuesday, September 15, 2009

...Early to rise

That's right. This morning marked the return to setting an alarm clock. I am hoping to start my new job in the next 7-10 days (gots to get some paperwork worked out) and that will mean getting the the UW at a reasonable hour of the morning, by either bike or bus. So a return to the alarm clock it is.

I discovered in college that I am a morning person, so the return to waking up early doesn't bother me (Russell will laugh, for me sleeping in is still 7 am). I quite like it actually. Getting up early gives me an hour or two of peace and quiet to mentally prepare for my day, and I find I am more productive overall when I get it. Sometimes I read a little, sometimes I go for a run, sometimes I spin or knit. Sometimes I just drink coffee and listen to/read the news. Just a little something to let my brain catch up and wake up fully.

So you might think I'm crazy but I say, Yay early mornings.

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Hartley's said...

I agree with your early to rise ways. I have started getting up an hour before I have to wake everyone else up and I love it. For a mother it's literally the only time I have of my own. I am too tired at night to enjoy the quiet time- I go straight to bed. Congrats on the job!
I can't wait to read another baking post.
I cast on a scarf and have hibernated the three other projects. We are heading to Colorado for christmas so I am starting winter hats as soon as I am done with the scarf.