Sunday, August 2, 2009

Knit and ReKnit

So, first, the dissertation check in: I submitted my last data chapter to my adviser yesterday. I should get edits back Monday, and I should (hopefully) get it out to my committee by Wednesday. From there I just have to finish writing the overall introduction and summary, so hopefully I'll have the completed document off by Friday or Saturday next week.

In other news. Since I have earned a day of down time, I celebrated by working on Russell's sweater (I did other stuff too...). I have been knitting this sweater for Russell since January. All the pieces are finished, and am now finishing. First step was to sew all the pieces together.

Here's where thing's get odd. I totally substituted yarn on this, yarn that was a totally different gauge. I got stitch gauge OK, but row gauge was off. Off by a bit. This didn't affect the body at all, but made the arms, well, to call them gorilla arms would not be far off. Let me show you.

You might also notice the 80's style pointy shoulders, this is a byproduct of the shoulder seaming job I did (pay no attention to the grey sweater in the background, I was using it for a size comparison). This sweater looked like it was headed for a trip to the proverbial frog pond for a bit of a reknit, but then I remembered a little thing I'd seen online....

You see the great thing about knitting are there are just as many clever tricks to fix your inevitable mistakes are there are ways to make mistakes. Sleeves too long, do you have to rip out and re-knit (especially since that will mean recalculating the shaping, since they fit otherwise)? NO SIREE........

Snip a section of the offending sleeve off, then begin carefully unravelling from the bottom up...this, like all cutting of knitting requires a little courage.

Now, you carefully pick up stitches and find an end.

From here it's just a matter of executing a sewn cast off of some kind off the needles. And Presto! A shorter sleeve without having to deconstruct the sweater!
I'll do the other sleeve later this week, then I am making adjustments to the shoulder seams and knitting on and stabilizing the collar.

For now, I am going to finish my weekend like this.

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