Monday, June 1, 2009

Update and Science Lesson

This post is coming live from Chez Tammy and Glenn, who are kindly putting me up for the week before I move. I do have an official moving date now, barring some kind of job related change (that would be new job, not grad school) I will be exiting Miami a week from today. Its kind of melancholy, I'll miss all my friends, the Everglades, and the Keys. I'll come back for visits though, and I am sure many people will visit us in Seattle.

For the upcoming drive cross country, Russell and I purchased a car top carrier that fits on our Thule rack. Due to my insane schedule, I put Russell in charge of picking out, and ordering the box. Little did I know what I was in for. This, I believe, is the largest size that will actually fit on the car. He said 15 cubic feet when he ordered it, but I just didn't think about what kind of space that actually meant. I picked it up last week, and guys, this thing is huge, it takes up the whole roof of the car. I could sleep in it comfortably, with pillows and everything.
Due to its new box, the car now has a name. Just call it The Ant.

And another angle.

With this on my car I can totally fit the remaining items, the cat, and Denise's suitcase.

Speaking of the cat, she is not pleased with the current turn of events. It has taken her two days to emerge from under the couch at Jeff's apartment, and then only at night. I am sure this will change, because Jeff has good cat bribes. She'll like him better than me by the end of the week. Especially on Monday when she goes for a really long car ride.

And finally I leave you with a little science lesson. I was working another ridiculous weekend, and making buffers, and got to observe this lovely example of density structure and halocline.

You can clearly observe the heavy salty layer (the buffer I was making is just a Sodium Chloride/Sodium Citrate solution to wash my slides in) on the base, with the remaining fresh water on top. It was cool to watch so I grabbed my camera.

Anyhoo more later. Maybe after I finish my data collection.

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