Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Quickie travel update

With no photos yet, sorry.

I am currently in Urbana-Champagne Illinois, after the second day of travel. Here is a quick recap.

Monday. Drive and drive through Florida (state 1), then Georgia (state 2). Florida is Florida, I've done that drive up the Turnpike and 75 many many many times. My favorite point is as you are leaving Orlando, and you suddenly realize that there are hills. Georgia is nice, I've only done that drive a couple times. It starts out looking disturbingly similar to North Florida, but by Macon, you know you are "not in Kansas" anymore. By Macon everything is totally leafy and green. By Atlanta you are into high rolling hills, which only get higher as you head for and enter Tennessee (state 3). We drove all the way to Knoxville (oh, we is me, Denise, and the cat). In Knoxville we stayed with my lovely Aunt and Uncle for the night, and my aunt took me to see my grandmother in the morning. It was a lovely if brief visit. Thanks Frances and Don!

Today we left Knoxville after lunch and took a meandering path with some stops. We stopped at a new local Meadery in Lake City, TN. Quite lovely, we bought some bottles. Then it was on into Kentucky (state 4). Both states are firmly in the Appalachians, and I enjoyed the rolling peaks. In Kentucky we decided to stretch our legs by visiting a Bourbon distillery on the Bourbon Trail. We went and wandered Buffalo trace, we missed the tour, but the grounds are scenic, and the whole place smells deliciously of Rye Mash.

Then it was on to Illinois via Indiana (states 5 and 6), we found an easy hotel and had dinner here in Champagne at a lovely place called Crane Alley, good food, good beer list.

Now off to bed. There will be pictures later when I feel like downloading them.

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