Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Housey House

So I need a break from working (also, and perhaps more to the point, it takes 8 hours to run one of my models right now, and I am only about 7 in, so I am still waiting on some results and to start the next run), so it's high time to show off a little bit of the house.

I give you, the backyard (sorry about the blur, speedlight isn't the best setting for outdoor shooting).
This part is just the back steps, and a corner of the (freshly mowed by your's truely) back postage stamp. The plants are a couple of hop vines that Russell planted, and some herbs, including a giant Lavender bush. I have plans for that plant when the flowers "ripen."

Here is the very 1970's kitchen. I love it, mainly because you could fit two of our last kitchens in there. Also, I love the ridiculous 1950's stove. It still runs great (oven might be a smidge hot...but working) they sure don't build them like that anymore, this thing cranks out the BTU's. Also, I love the ugly linoleum.

This kithcen is working great, and just in time for this weeks installment of....


This weeks "scary" item is this....

That would be Yogurt. Which isn't scary of itself, but this yogurt is special. It turns out that at the local farmers market you can buy local farm, raw milk, from happy cows that live places like Vashon Island. I have heard nothing but good things about cooking with raw milk (there are several baking items where pasturized will never work...the fats are too broken down) so I decided to give it a try.
For anyone (cough...nurses...cough) who is considering warning me about the dangers of raw milk, I am aware of them all, I am not in the "at risk" group, and besides, part of making yogurt from raw milk is boiling it. More to the point, this farm is very respectable, and definitely NOT a dairy feedlot. I am excited to see how it turns out.

I am also excited to try making this from the leftover milk.

And last but not least, I leave you with my current favorite thing about this city. These are my rubbish bins...the tiny one on the right is for TRASH.. that's it, that is all the trash we are allowed to generate in a week. Everything else must be compostable (yardwaste) or recycling!


Hartley's said...

I love the picture of the cat! How many scratches did you end up with? I bet your yogurt turned out yummy! The dairy farm sounds great! I think we have twin kitchen floors- I am glad you are settling in. We miss you- Marilyn and i knit yesterday. I will finish the toe of the sock (hopefully) tonight.
Best- Sidney

Marilyn said...

I loved the picture of the house. You have a really big backyard so you can plant your very vegetables and spices. I'm still crochet but sure do miss you.

Fran said...

Love seeing your house and your latest cooking project. You really must read "Vegetable, Animal, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver. I think you'd really like it a lot.