Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Further Adventures of the plucky traveller

Or the rest of my trip, summarized in blog form

I need a little break from data analysis (It's going OK, thanks for wondering) so I am going to finish up that blog post from the other day.

From Wisconsin, we hit I-90, the highway that we would follow for the rest of the journey into Seattle, and headed out, across Minnesota, and into South Dakota. In Minnesota (and actually in Illinois as well) we came across several large wind farms. I know some people think these are an eyesore. I actually love them, I think they look like giant art installations rising out of the flat farmland, especially when they are all turning.

Moving out of Minnesota and into South Dakota, we slowly made our way out of the intense farmland, and into the prairie. I like prairie a lot, its green, rolling open sky. It helped that the whole place (the whole drive really) was in spectacular bloom.

Having never been to South Dakota before, I was keen to make some stops, and see some sights, so we stopped at Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse.

Both Monuments are incredible, much bigger than I imagined.

From there we pushed on into Montana, and here once again, my photos get scarce. I have done the drive across Montana before. Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Washington were crossed in two days of hard-ish driving, for an evening arrival in the new house.

For those who are wondering, this is where the cat spent most of her time, wedged behind the drivers seat.

Later I will post photos of the new house and some of its lovely Seattle phenomena.

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Fran said...

I love the wind farms too. So glad you got to see Crazy Horse (and the prezes of course). Glad you're about settled in.