Monday, May 25, 2009

Coming full circle

I am sitting here in a mostly empty house, the cat is wandering around, confused as to where all her (our) belongings have gotten to, and I can't help feeling I am coming full circle. Just about six years ago, I arrived in Miami, rolling into town with Russell, with only my belongings I could fit in my car. I slept on an air mattress for a month before my stuff arrived from Seattle. I lived in the house for two weeks with no furniture etc before the other roommates moved in. Now here I sit, waiting to exit as I entered, with just some belongings for my car (I am going to have to go through that list...suddenly there seems like more than their should be. I may be sending some last minute UPS boxes) getting ready for a night on an air mattress, all my furniture packed in its shipping crate, awaiting departure tomorrow.

I've got a couple more weeks before I actually leave. I am going to stay here until the house is cleaned and ready to go, living the life of an aesthetic (or perhaps crazy cat lady?) while I get the house generally tidied, and more importantly, while I crack down on work on my thesis. On the 31st I vacate the property and start couch surfing (Thanks Tammy!), until my write up is done, or I miss Russell too much to stay in Miami one minute longer. I'll be flying back for my defense sometime at the end of June/first week of July, and that will really be the last hurrah.

Thanks Miami, its been a wild ride.

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Al said...

If you get bored & want to talk you have my number, although I suspect if you're bored it means you're supposed to be working on your thesis...Love you sister! & I"m excited for you to live near-by!