Thursday, March 19, 2009


Feeling pretty boring. All I'm doing is working in the lab (this experiment will be just like the last one), Knitting a sweater (it's not fancy, just ribbing, the first piece will look just like the last one) and crocheting a blanket (its a 3-row repeat pattern). All this sameness has my craft itch screaming. My brain keeps telling me, start some socks...or how about another sweater....or I know start quilting (quilting fascinates me, and I have found I am quite fond of some modern patterns, I feel this leading into an expanded fabric stash in the near future, currently my limited craft space is protected by the fact that the nearest good quilt shop is in Fort Lauderdale). But I am sticking with it, must...finish...projects...before...starting ...more.

Happily I won't die of ennui because I am writing and analyzing data, which throws a little spice into the intellectual mix.

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