Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Got Nothin'

That's right. No fishing adventures, or wacky cooking projects this weekend (Well tomorrow is the Herald Hunt, so I'll have something then). This week was full of highs and lows. My research is coming along, not as quickly as I would like, but I am trying to be thorough. And there is forward progress which is really all I could ask for. I have managed thus far, not to kill my new little plants. We will re-pot some of them tonight (the squash and cucumber plants took off like crazy). I had hoped to get a paper submitted this week, but it didn't happen, and I realized on Wednesday that the whole month of October had gotten away from me as I worked (and played a little) and that I have a major deadline in 12 days. I have buckled down. The next few days should be pretty intense. I'll post about the Hunt though. (Information on the infamous Herald Hunt can be found at the link...basically it is an insane scavenger hunt that takes place in a Miami neighborhood, a different neighborhood every year. This year it is at a local park. Oh and Dave Barry is the one who organizes this every year, so when I said insane scavenger hunt, think about who will be writing the clues....).

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