Monday, June 4, 2007

And it's Monday all over again

Reasons why today will be an excellent day: Very pleasant wind free bike ride in this morning, with perfectly clear skies, the beginning of a beautiful sunrise, light mist on the water with the moon. Then got a fishy running right on schedule.

Reasons why this week will begin to suck: The predicted high this week is 91, meaning the ride home will be significantly less pleasant and that lovely mist on the water means the return of the humidity...oh yes folks it is summer.

Over the weekend (which was pretty awesome) I just relaxed and vegged out. It was nice not to be in the lab for a couple days (I did go in to feed my little fishies). Saturday we went for a drive, going down to the Keys. We went and had lunch at Calypso's, Russell's favorite local hangout on Key Largo, and then drove on as far as Islamorada. Here we checked out the Key's version of our favorite outdoor store, Bass Pro shops. Reasons why Bass Pro is awesome: It fufils the REI void and is totally the Disneyland of outdoor stores. The one in Islamorada is all fishing all the time, but has a really cool tank with local saltwater gamefish, and outside a large lagoon full of Tarpon.

Stop two of the weekend was a Pizza party at Chez Tammy and Glen. It was pizza iron chef style, everyone brought a "secret ingredient" with the only rule set by Tammy "Fish has no place on Pizza." We brought Guava shells, jackfruit (oh the most awesome of SE Asian Fruits), and Huitlacoche. Pizza was very tasty.

Sunday was boring. For you all at least, all I did was lay in my yard (till I couldn't stand the resurgance of mosquitos any longer), knit and read. Oh and got caught up on laundry, which is actually a rather rare phenomenon.

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