Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What I did on my "summer vacation"

Whoa it has been a while since I posted! May or was it April. I do have my reasons. Namely one big one. During this period I have been writing, editing, lab working, and writing some more. And did I mention writing. I even took a writing class. All to get my first post doctoral manuscript assembled and submitted. It was sent off to the journal last week, and now the waiting game begins to get rejected comments back from the journal. I'm now happily on to the next project, one I am pretty excited about.

But work was not all I did during my summer. So now I present a short photo essay of the remainder of my summer since you all last heard from me.

I went mushrooming with Russell and a friend.

I climbed Mount Baker with my Uncle and my Cousin and some friends.

The following weekend I rode the Seattle to Portland bicycle tour with my Dad. Two hundred excellent miles over two days.

I brewed a beer with some help from Russell

Russell and I went on vacation to the cabin in the Sierras, where we swam, hung out on the deck, went fishing, and visited some old mines and ghost towns.

And I went on a great, but soggy, hike with my Dad, and when we got rained out, he and I and my mom and some friends went to the Evergreen State fair.

Well there you have but a snapshot of my summer. There were more adventures, and the fall adventures have already begun. I'm going to try to post more regularly now. Until next time....

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Hartley's said...

Glad to hear from you- looks like you are having a great time. Your hair has gotten so long!