Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ase Has a New Thing

So, as most of you know, I have this dog. His name is Ase, and he is approximately 14 years old (he's from the pound, so his age is a little hazy). As per that last statement, I didn't get him from the pound, I got him from one of my dissertation committee members. Their family was having some issues, and couldn't keep him, so we took him in. We didn't get him until he was almost 12, so he has never been a "young" dog for us. In Miami, initially, he would go for some walks, but one year he blew out both knees. He learned to walk again, and isn't having many issues with them, but he got decidedly less enthusiastic about walks. Sometimes he would go, but then only for a block or two, then he would literally plant his feet and turn around, and sometimes he couldn't even be coaxed out the door. I don't think he liked the heat and humidity. There were only two exceptions in Miami. One, if you were with someone else's dog, and were going for a walk with it, he wanted in on the party. The other was he loved riding in the car and going out to the beach at RSMAS (the phrase "go to RSMAS" still gets him excited). But that was pretty much it.

Fast forward to the last few weeks. Ase likes Seattle. He likes the weather (though he isn't so sure about the cold in the morning, it makes his joints a bit stiff) and, unlike in Miami where he couldn't be convinced to go outside to hang out unless there was a lot food or people involved. Here, he will just go chill in the sun on the back deck while you are working. And he loves loves loves going for walks again.

He loves walks so much that in the evenings he is now begging for them. I'll be working away, and a cold nose will appear at my knee. He'll do a little dance, whine a little, and wait. And repeat. If I stand up and follow him he makes a bee-line for the front door. This is Ase's new thing. The weather is really nice right now, so I don't mind taking a break and taking the little guy for a walk. We'll see how long into the winter this new thing lasts...Do you like Rain Little Ase?

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