Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bitter cold.....In Miami?

That's right. It's actually really cold here. Current temp as I write this is 38 deg. No joke. I know I know, people in places up further North have limited sympathy, we generally are in the 70's this time of year, with no cause for complaint. But it's cold. I have to say the major difference in coping with these temperatures is preparedness. 3 ways. 1) Living in Miami, your blood thins. Just a fact, nothing to be done about it, it's good for you the rest of the year. But even seasoned Northerners get cold at these temps after living here a few years. 2) Lack of warm clothing. I am currently wearing 50% of all the cold weather stuff I own (I lie, I have more, some at home here, some in Seattle, but I travel Northward annually, so I have to be prepared). The point is, no one here owns cold weather stuff, so they get quite a shock the few times a year it gets this cold. (Especially since they have cold weather stuff for when it gets to be 65, in the 30's they want arctic expedition wear). 3) No heat. I'm not kidding. It's easier to be all "38, that's nothing" when you have a furnace and can heat your house and office to 65-68. My house has no heater, so when I got up this morning, it was 62, and isn't going to get any warmer. Work doesn't have heat either, and for some reason they leave the AC blowers going, these draw air from outside and circulate it in the buildings, so it is blowing 40 degree air down the back of my neck currently.

All this being said, I love the cold snap. I am currently very happily wearing my sweater (see previous posts) and my newly knitted cap, and despite the 40 degree air being blown in my office, I am quite toasty. Also my cat gets really cute when it gets this cold. She isn't very cuddly, but when the mercury drops she becomes a lap cat. And finally, you get to read all the fun news stories about feral iguanas dropping from the trees, and generally watch South Floridian's panic, almost as though there is some sort of natural disaster approaching. The only real drawback is that this is the growing/harvesting season here in Florida, so the farms of the CSA are probably going to be hit and thus our box of veggies may be quite lean this Saturday.

Update: It is currently 14 dec C (57 for all you F types) in my office and the AC blower is still going....

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Lori, Navy Wife Extraordinaire said...

Hey stranger - I saw your blog on Phil's. (It's Lori, from high school, if you didn't recognize me LOL) How the hell are you???