Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cheezy Resolutions Post

Ok, it had to be done. I figure if it exits on the interwebs, maybe I will stick to them a little better. Usually I feel that resolutions, while full of good intentions, end up being a little cheezy. But whatever...

Take Ase to the beach more often. The little guy deserves an outing, I have to go the lab on weekends anyway, and he loves to go play in the sand (he's less down with swimming, but I'm working on coaxing him into the water a little more).

Be more organized. In the last year, year and a half, graduate school has really really eaten my life. This is normal, but the state of chaos is making me pretty forgetful. Not big stuff, just stuff like remembering little errands (ie to the bike shop to get a patch kit, remembering to get water for my home aquariums etc). I am going to try making lists.

Get the courage up to start applying for jobs. I have sort of started this one, but I need to really buckle down and start submitting some more stuff. Graduation will come a lot sooner than it might seem.

Get more exercise. Ok, its cheezy, everyone says it this time of year, but while TA-ing in the fall my exercise schedule completely fell to pieces, so it is time to rebuild (Especially since I am running a half marathon at the end of the month).

Hmm, I think that covers it without falling into the trap of setting too many goals.

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Kat Offcourse said...

super! Tip Top! Cheap reg until the 16th.