Friday, December 26, 2008

Its Boxing Day

So, I kind of disappeared after that last tragic post. I was frantically making the most of the samples I got, plus preparing undergrads for finals, preparing my lab for my absence, and preparing my house and pets for my absence as well.

Now it is boxing day and I am in Seattle. Christmas break has been good. We landed in the snow and knew immediately we were in for trouble. We started in Bainbridge (more details in a later post but as We got a shuttle, waited for shuttle and ferry, and got on a bus, all the while it snowed and snowed and snowed. By the time we were on the bus there was more than six inches on the ground. This is a lot of snow for Seattle.

It has been snowing ever since (I am really not kidding). We are now at my parents house (where the laptop I am using is about to run out of batteries so I am cutting this post short). There has been more than two feet of snow here, and currently at my parents house there is more than twenty inches (some if it compacted) on the deck.

I'll post more later, and pictures once I'm back in Miami.

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Kat Offcourse said...

hell yeah, when are we leaving?