Thursday, September 4, 2008

Summer Vacation, Yo!

So, I haven't posted in a while. First, I was busy in the lab, and writing (and when I spend that much computer face time at work, I don't like to get back in front of the doom screen at home. I'm working on getting over it, as I do actually enjoy blogging). Then I was on sweet sweet VACATION. I really needed one this year, and it dished out the relaxing nicely. So here, are things I did (other than work) with my summer:

I took up bread baking.
Its lovely, tastier than store bought bread, and kneading is a great way to work out stress and aggression caused by thesis advisors.

I went to a cabin on a lake with Russell's family and spent a week unplugged from all technology and did some knitting there. I also went out on the lake and read lots of books.
I went to Lassen National park and got another sign for my collection of interesting signs.
I also saw Bumpas Hell (which definately has one of the best National Park location names ever) and all its steaming fumerols.
I went and had a nice visit with my family. We went all over Seattle, went to Salumi (best deli ever) and watched lots of the olympics together on fabulous Canadian television (which we for obvious reasons don't get here in Miami). We also went on a really cool hike. Russell and my mom were good sports and let my dad and I pick the spot. We saw wildflowers
And some really beautiful waterfalls

And a really beautiful lake.
All in all a lovely and relaxing time.

Now I am back at work, and it promises to be a busy year. I am TAing, training a new Undergraduate who will be working in our lab, and trying to finish all of my experiments by december so I can defend my thesis in Spring Semester. I am also waiting for the arrival of Hurricane Ike. My committee asked me what my biggest concern for finishing was, and my answer was "Hurricanes." And I meant it. I have never really worried about hurricanes, but this one has me a little concerned. Not because I am worried for my stuff or anything, but because if it is a big one it could set my research back by weeks and weeks.

Anyhoo, I'll post more this weekend, we'll call it pre-hurricane blogging.

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