Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hey look, I'm posting.

So this evening as I was unwinding from work I was thinking about hobbies. Specifically mine and Russell's. We have a lot of wide ranging hobbies between the two of us. Ones we only get to do once or twice a year (skiing or hiking in my case) to ones we do more frequently like cooking or curing meat (Russell's latest hobby, I am so not making this up) or brewing or knitting and spinning. Chatting with other folks at the lab, people are frequently surprised at the diversity of stuff we do. The usual response is one of "wow, how do you have time for all this" "Do you ever sleep." So I was thinking about this as I finished my 10 hour work day...(gotta get the Spain data). Where does this time come from. I mean, I work a lot, not an outrageous ammount, but not a 9-5 workday either. But somehow do all this neat stuff. I guess I make time. Like this evening. Get home, and unwind with a book rather than T.V., two nights ago, I baked two loaves of bread. Saturday mornings I usually spin for an hour or two before anyone else is awake. There is tons of time lying around. So really it left me wondering....what are all my friends and colleagues doing with their time?

Food for thought.


Elaine said...

Hey Meredith! I agree - it's amazing where people's time goes. Dale and I got rid of cable and we have so much time on our hands it's crazy.
So tell me, where do you get the inspiration for your hobbies? If Dale and I had good ideas, we'd have less free time, but we never have good ideas!

wheelerwest08 said...

Good for you!

Now, post more good things on your blog. I love reading your stuff!