Friday, June 1, 2007

All together Now: Its Friday!

And a worthy friday it is as well. I mangage to bike to campus this morning before the rain started (the whole state of FL is under a cloud on the National Weather Service sattelite image). I biked at 5:45 am and did not get hit by a car (this has been a concern, it is Miami, and there has been construction all along my route). I finished round four of fishy measurements. (Eleven to go(this doesnt sound like a lot, but 11 is 51 the rate of 3 a day). But it is progress at least.

And due to "Generator tests" I can't run experiments tomorrow. Yay. I am going to the Key's rain or no.

And eventually I will get around to posting photos....Really...

Update: Ok, so today is the first day of hurricane season, we already had one early storm (by "we" I mean the East Coast) and its official. This large bank of clouds...its the edge of what is apparently now Tropical Storm Barry. I am not sure this bodes well for the season...

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